Web Conf. Software

We came across this great open source video conf. software called DimDIm.  It has a lot of potential for delivering training.  This is especially true if you combine the web conf. with Moodle for interactive learning and sharing. Hopefully a stable release is coming soon.  We are really looking forward to this. -Chris

Management – The Interactive Pitfall !

Our website has a lot of interactive elements: eNews, Forums, Podcasts, PTSA website, blogs, moodle, social bookmarking, etc. All of these programs require 2 way input in order to be interactive which becomes a management issue. It is one thing to maintain a web program and quite another to have to feed it information all … Read more

Publish. Learn. Share.

Digital Toolbox for teachers Dearborn Public Schools is using cutting-edge technology to extend the classroom.  Staff members have a variety of options to use web technology to extend their classroom into the home.  Putting the power of the internet at the fingertips of every teacher and staff member is the goal of the new Dearborn … Read more


I hope everyone is joining and creating blogs!  This is a very simple and effective way for a teacher to get on the web.  Once you create your blog, you can link it to your school website so that parents and students will be able to find your blog easily.  You will need to work … Read more

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