Moodle evolve-D Theme has Exceeded Expectations

When my supervisor and I sat down and talked about changing some things in how Moodle behaves, we looked to creating a theme to enhance some things.  We wanted a simple, yet stylish look to the Moodle site.  We wanted the user experience to be focused on logging in and interacting with the learning content. … Read more

Moodle for Michigan

Hot off the heels of the MACUL Teacher Technology Conference I am inspired by the creative uses of technology across the state of Michigan!  I met and had a chance to chat with several people on how they are integrating technology in the classroom. I was part of two presentations at MACUL.  One was a … Read more

Blueprint for Moodle

We have been quietly putting some very powerful tools in place for K-12 teachers here in Michigan to help enhance and provide online experiences for our students.  With help from many dedicated and hard working educators we have laid a good foundation to build upon.  Much of this work revolves around Moodle.  Making it easier … Read more

Rock your Moodle

There are many online learning tools out there today.  In my opinion Moodle is the best choice and I want to walk you through why.  At Dearborn Public Schools we set out to build a very dynamic, powerful, and engaging learning platform.  We wanted teachers to be able to share best practices, entire classes, quizzes, and content. … Read more

Spiffy new PD Badges for Moodle

We are getting organized with our online professional development and decided to use the new Badges feature of Moodle.  I setup a template for all our PD training so we can easily swap out icons and have a new Badge. Here are the first three badges that handle the following: Bloodborne Pathogens Training, OCR Bilingual … Read more

Dearborn Moodle Moot Takeaway

Dearborn Public Schools held a small Moodle Moot last week and had a great deal of fun learning and sharing.  The moot was setup as a two day event.  Day one was a full day of hands-on learning and getting the basics of working with Moodle.  Day two was completely self-guided with teachers building their courses, … Read more

evolve-D | a different kind of moodle theme

What began as a simple project to bring in a few simple enhancements to the “More” theme has snowballed into something that is completely different than most themes.  Introducing evolve-D.   A new Moodle 2.7 theme that is based off More but with an abundance of enhancements that evolved into a new theme.  Evolve-D sports … Read more

Dearborn Michigan Mahoodle Theme and Overview

Mahoodle For those that do not know Mahoodle refers to the connection between Moodle and eportfolio software called Mahara.  Students can go from Moodle directly to Mahara without ever signing in as the two systems share logins.  In essence the two systems function as one allowing for a more robust online learning environment that is … Read more

New Theme: Michigan Moodle Developed

I have developed a new theme which is a clone of Moodle’s More Theme.  I added the following features: Forced 2 columns – blocks on right side of page and content on left. Added My Dashboard and My Courses – Thanks to Moodleman and Essential Theme! Added Google Font Selector – Thanks again Moodleman Made … Read more