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Moodle for Michigan

Hot off the heels of the MACUL Teacher Technology Conference I am inspired by the creative uses of technology across the state of Michigan!  I met and had a chance to chat with several people on how they are integrating technology in the classroom. I was part of two presentations at MACUL.  One was a … Read more

Blueprint for Moodle

We have been quietly putting some very powerful tools in place for K-12 teachers here in Michigan to help enhance and provide online experiences for our students.  With help from many dedicated and hard working educators we have laid a good foundation to build upon.  Much of this work revolves around Moodle.  Making it easier … Read more

Rock your Moodle

There are many online learning tools out there today.  In my opinion Moodle is the best choice and I want to walk you through why.  At Dearborn Public Schools we set out to build a very dynamic, powerful, and engaging learning platform.  We wanted teachers to be able to share best practices, entire classes, quizzes, and content. … Read more

Spiffy new PD Badges for Moodle

We are getting organized with our online professional development and decided to use the new Badges feature of Moodle.  I setup a template for all our PD training so we can easily swap out icons and have a new Badge. Here are the first three badges that handle the following: Bloodborne Pathogens Training, OCR Bilingual … Read more

Dearborn Moodle Moot Takeaway

Dearborn Public Schools held a small Moodle Moot last week and had a great deal of fun learning and sharing.  The moot was setup as a two day event.  Day one was a full day of hands-on learning and getting the basics of working with Moodle.  Day two was completely self-guided with teachers building their courses, … Read more