Big Blue Button HTML 5 Pilot Test

Over the last few weeks we have been working with Big Blue Button on helping pilot the new HTML 5 client that they are developing.  Last week we successfully connected high school students who presented science concepts to middle school students who were watching on an iPad.  We have been using BBB for several years now and it just keeps getting better.  In Michigan there is a big push for technology and more online learning and at the same time budgets are being cut.  We are looking to BBB as a way for our teachers to begin hybrid learning, flipped classrooms, and the like.  Beyond being reasonably priced – ahem, free – we like that BBB is fully integrated with WordPress, Moodle, and Joomla.   All three of these we use.

While the pilot was a learning opportunity for the developers, the real excitement took place in the classroom where the technology instantly connected with students.  When I explained to them that they could watch on an iPad or iPhone they instantly became interested.  It was as if we were talking their language and suddenly they wanted to know when they could use this with their teacher.

Here is a photo from BBB:

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