Open Source Academic Social Networking – CBOX

I just happened to see a new Buddypress Project called “Commons in a Box” or CBOX for short.   I really like this project!  It is focused on educational use and seems to have a really nice theme that is laid out in a way that makes sense for Buddypress.  The project also comes with recommended plugins that takes some of the guess work out for site admins.  It is just a great project!

Check out the WEBSITE  |  DEMO SITE

I am going to be installing this on our student/teacher social network website we call Engage. I think this will make a great enhancement to our Buddypress setup!

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Instant Message Server for District

I just recently setup our own XMPP/Jabber instant message server.  Still working out some details but I think this can be a really nice tool if used properly. We are just experimenting and seeing how to best utilize this.  I would say it is in evaluation. Looking to see if there are ways to … Read more

WordPress Teacher Plugin for Classroom Blogging

Developer fredlawl at has released WP Teacher.  This plugin using custom post types to add two new post types to your WordPress blog- Assignments and Events.  This plugin aims to provide teachers with a great way to organize and keep students informed.  This plugin provides a means to add assignments but also tackles the need … Read more

Youtube Video Gallery for Moodle Database Preset

  Here is a Database Activity Preset that will add a Youtube gallery to your Moodle course which allows the teacher to collect videos for students to view.  It will look similar to the image displayed here. Download the Database Preset here: Youtube Gallery-preset