Moodle Mouse

Introducing… the man behind the site.  The person making it all happen.   The powerful wizard behind the almighty “Turn Editing On” button…  Moodle Mouse. Your browser does not support the video tag This is what happens to my kids toys once they are done playing with them – I take them to work.

Backup and Restore for WordPress Multisite

Just got an email that the new Snapshot Plugin from WPMU Dev is now ready for WordPress Multisite.  In my initial testing it looks like the backup and restore is limited to Site Admin and not the Multisite users.  I could be wrong and only further testing will confirm this. I installed the plugin and … Read more

WordPress and Moodle LTI Stepsheet and Tutorial for Setup

Here are my tutorials for setting up and using WordPress via LTI within Moodle.  This will allow you to add a WordPress blog to your Moodle course and automatically enroll students and teachers as users of the blog.  This is very cool! PDF Versions: Moodle Blogs Setup (Classroom Teacher Add Tool ) Moodle and WordPress LTI … Read more

Working- Moodle and WordPress LTI

So after some work and getting things rolling, we finally have a working example of how LTI can be utilized to create blogs for Moodle Courses.  A teacher in moodle is added as an administrator in wordpress.  Likewise, a student in moodle is added as an author in wordpress.  This is a GREAT way to … Read more

Moodle LTI Sharing

Here is a video of how you can use the Moodle LTI Provider plugin to share activities and courses.  I made a questionnaire and embed it into another Moodle course.  Very Cool Stuff!

Mark your calendars: Michigan Moodle Moot January 10th

Mark your calendars for the  Michigan Moodle Moot on January 10, 2013 at Clinton County RESA and St. Johns, Michigan. This event is supported by the REMC Association of Michigan, the REMC Instructional Technology Specialists (RITS), and MACUL. The purpose of this event is to bring educators together from K-12 and higher ed, to model … Read more

Moodle as an LTI Provider – The New Way to Share

I have been experimenting a little bit more with Moodle and LTI.  I truly believe this is HUGE.  I mean this is incredible stuff.  LTI which stands for Learning Tools Interoperability is a new way for systems like Moodle, WordPress, Joomla, MediaWiki, and other websites to communicate and share activities with each other. For instance, I can … Read more

Moodle – ChemVantage LTI Setup and Usage

Here is a great way to give access to Chemvantage videos, quizzes, and homework via Moodle.  Using LTI your Moodle website connects to ChemVantage and allows the two sites to communicate back and forth.   This means that a quiz taken using the embedded ChemVantage will be added to your Moodle Gradebook.  Automatically.  There has … Read more

Curriculum Mapping Software Open Source TODCM

I just setup a dev site to see if TODCM Curriculum Mapping software will meet our needs.  From what I have seen so far the admin and user displays are very nice and easy to navigate.  It has some really nice features that I am sure to explore over the next few weeks as we … Read more

HTML 5 BigBlueButton Web Conferencing

We just heard GREAT NEWS from the BigBlueButton Project – they are working on an HTML 5 client!  This is exciting news since many of our schools and teachers are purchasing iPads.  With the new HTML5 client these iPads will now benefit from BBB web conferencing.  Fred Dixon of BigBlueButton has worked tirelessly to make … Read more