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Moodle Mouse

Introducing… the man behind the site.  The person making it all happen.   The powerful wizard behind the almighty “Turn Editing On” button…  Moodle Mouse. Your browser does not support the video tag This is what happens to my kids toys once they are done playing with them – I take them to work.

Working- Moodle and WordPress LTI

So after some work and getting things rolling, we finally have a working example of how LTI can be utilized to create blogs for Moodle Courses.  A teacher in moodle is added as an administrator in wordpress.  Likewise, a student in moodle is added as an author in wordpress.  This is a GREAT way to … Read more

Moodle – ChemVantage LTI Setup and Usage

Here is a great way to give access to Chemvantage videos, quizzes, and homework via Moodle.  Using LTI your Moodle website connects to ChemVantage and allows the two sites to communicate back and forth.   This means that a quiz taken using the embedded ChemVantage will be added to your Moodle Gradebook.  Automatically.  There has … Read more

HTML 5 BigBlueButton Web Conferencing

We just heard GREAT NEWS from the BigBlueButton Project – they are working on an HTML 5 client!  This is exciting news since many of our schools and teachers are purchasing iPads.  With the new HTML5 client these iPads will now benefit from BBB web conferencing.  Fred Dixon of BigBlueButton has worked tirelessly to make … Read more