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Poodll in your Moodle

I have been out sick for the last two days and I am really itching the get back to work because I want to test out the POODLL Language Lab plugin for Moodle.  This is something that might really benefit our foreign language teachers and those who want to create more visual and interactive multimedia classes.  POODLL has a variety of plugins and tools that allow a user to record video and audio.  The recordings can be used in a variety of places on  in the course and can even be used in Quiz Questions.

What is POODLL?

PoodLL is a set of plugins for Moodle the open source LMS. It adds audio and video recording functionality to Moodle, and also comes with a range of useful widgets to enhance Moodle activities. Using PoodLL you can build courses that turn your Moodle installation into something like a language lab.

PoodLL is open source and is developed by a couple of enthusiastic Moodle users in Nagasaki, Japan. Please look around the site and if you are interested try it out on your Moodle installation. Any questions, contact us!

I think there are some really great things happening in regards to online learning and Moodle.  The tools that are being developed and implemented with Moodle are incredible and can do wondrous things for teachers and students.  In fact, I think the tools are moving so fast that even skilled teachers have a hard time keeping up and properly utilizing the tools to the fullest potential.

Here are a few key things we have integrated with our Moodle install:

  • Etherpad Collaborative Document Editor
  • Mahara ePortfolios and Student Social Networking
  • Big Blue Button Web Conferencing
  • PCast Podcasting Solution
  • OU Blogs
  • Games
  • Books
  • POODLL (Hopefully Soon!)

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