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New Moodle Social Course Format Work

We are looking to partner with others who might be interested in developing a new type of course format for moodle.  The new format will closely mimic Facebook and Edmodo.  While Moodle is awesome at course management it could use a little help with social interactions.

We are going to begin working on developing a more social format that will lower the barrier for teachers to get started with Moodle and do the basics such as posting homework, assignments, and calendar events.  We are hoping that once they get started with this basic format that they will grow into using more advanced moodle activities and features.

I have attached an image of how we think the new course format might look.  Some things about this layout:

  • No html editor.
  • There are three post types- Message/note,  Assignment, and Calendar
  • Within these post types you can attach files, links, course library (selection of previously uploaded docs).
  • The posts display auto generates the title for each post by simply naming who made the post.  Ie.  From Chris Kenniburg… or Chris Kenniburg said… or something similar to these.
  • When a user clicks on Assignment button a form will pop-up which would allow the teacher to add an online text assignment type from Moodle.   When the assignment is added it appears in a sidebar block such as the Activity block.
  • Similar to how assignments work, a teacher would be able to add a calendar event.
  • There will be a small area at the very top of the page which grabs the course description.  This area should also include the Resource and Activity drop down menus.

All postings and interactions would be ajax and not require any page refreshes.  Possible additions later on would be to have a quiz button but for the most part we want to just focus on allowing quick and simple communication.

If anyone is interested please let me know.

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