Etherpad Moodle Integration Underway

We are in the process of working with developers to create and release a Moodle-Etherpad Integration.  John McLear of Etherpad and Primary Technology  has been a joy to work with and is spearheading the development and implementation.  Dearborn Public Schools benefits tremendously because of open source web applications we use on a daily basis.   … Read more

AjaXplorer – Awesome File Sharing

AjaXplorer is a great software app I just discovered that is very easy to install, easy to use, and a great little app.  We plan to use it to allow vendors and others to submit large files to the district. Of note is the super cool and super slick user interface.  This application has it all. … Read more

Mahoodle / Mahara Use in K-12 Dearborn Public Schools

We are slowly getting some use out of Mahara.  The integration of Mahara and Moodle is so nice!  Below are some screen shots of some pages students were asked to create using Mahara.  Most of the photos were from a Biology class dealing with genetic diseases.  Check out the student work below.  

The Tools

I can really see a complete open source eLearning platform taking shape.  Let’s take a look at this. WordPress + Buddypress – The public publishing tool for the eLearning Platform.  WP Multisite with Buddypress is a very powerful social publishing tool that can be used  by students and teachers to publish material that is available … Read more

Hybrid and Flipped Classrooms

New Series:  Open Source Online Learning – Hybrid and Flipped Classrooms In this series I will be talking about how Dearborn Public Schools is planning on implementing open source tools to help facilitate hybrid learning and flipped classrooms. All of the tools we will be discussing are open source and free for any school to … Read more

Open Source eLearning Platform

Here is a list of features and functions I think a good K12 educational web portal should have.  Feel free to leave a comment about any additional ideas you might have. Web Publishing/Authoring District Website School Websites Teacher Websites Student Websites/ePortfolios Features for Web Publishing Easy to Use Easy to Manage Utilizes the latest in … Read more