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Moodle and BigBlueButton With Recordings!

I just upgraded our Moodle and BigBlueButton (BBB) servers to do web conferencing and record the meetings.  The latest version .8 beta3 of BBB is really nice.  The audio is greatly improved and the implementation of recordings is coming along really nice.  The developers really do an outstanding job working with the community and supporting those wishing to use the BBB Web Conferencing server.

I am still impressed with the simplicity of the product.  The controls are minimal for the end user which allows you to focus on using the product and not being scared off by settings and menus.  I didn’t even know that the recording feature was working properly because I was thinking that there would be a record button to trigger the recording.  Rather, BBB records the session in the background without me having to do anything.  Then the recording “Magically” appears in Moodle using the Recordings Resource Module.  I can hide or show the new recording to students.  It’s a very nice way of doing things.

I don’t know how much our teachers will use the recording feature in a K-12 environment.  What I think they will really like will be the integration of BBB and Matterhorn.  This combination Moodle, BBB, and Matterhorn is where I see a TON of potential.  Being able to record training material, lectures, and other events in BBB and then package them and display them in Matterhorn is super cool.  The simplicity of BBB as a recording tool and then the presentation options and features of Matterhorn for displaying the recorded material is a perfect match of open source products.  I am working on getting our Matterhorn server ready for testing.

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