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BigBlueButton Upgrade Coming Soon

I will finally be upgrading our servers to the recent BigBlueButton (BBB) Web Conferencing software in the next couple of weeks.  BBB is kicking things into high gear with their latest releases of modules for Moodle.  The two modules work together to allow you to setup meeting rooms as well as manage recordings.

I am also preparing a new server to run Matterhorn. I really believe that BBB and Matterhorn are a 1-2 punch to training and other educational video activities.  With BBB as the interface for recording video streams and then passing these to Matterhorn for presentation you have just created a VERY low technical barrier to getting in the game of recording lectures and training material. I am hopeful that the integration of BBB and Matterhorn will lead to a complete system where expensive recording devices placed in classrooms becomes a thing of the past.

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