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Joomla, Moodle, and Jomsocial

I have a new vision and in the coming weeks we will be talking with teachers, parents, and students to get their feedback.  This new vision will COMPLETELY change the way we communicate in the district online.  I plan to offer a robust and dynamic social network for staff, students, and parents that is fully integrated with our online learning software Moodle.

The vision is to have a portal that when the user logs in they are taken to their profile page similarly to Facebook.  From this page they can interact with others, join/create learning groups, post status/homework updates, and engage in other social interactions such as photo and video sharing.  They will also have access to a page that provides them with an overview of what courses they are teaching as well as what courses they are enrolled in.  It will even present them with upcoming events and assignments from Moodle on the Joomla profile page.

I think I can accomplish this using Joomla and Jomsocial with a plugin to handle logins and single sign on.  I think this could have the potential to really improve the usefulness and ease of use for teachers.  They would have a public profile which is directly integrated with online learning via Moodle.  When the teacher adds an activity on Moodle, their Joomla profile would automatically be updated.  Students would have instant portfolios via Joomla and much more.

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