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BigBlueButton and Matterhorn Integration

One of the new features for BigBlueButton (BBB) is that the new version will integrate with Matterhorn.  Matterhorn is a video archiving/presentation/recording tool that is meant to record lectures and more at universities.  In order to record these sessions with Matterhorn you need a dedicated hardware device that records both the screen and the web camera.  With the integration of BBB and Matterhorn you can do your recordings using BBB and then process and display them with the advanced features of Matterhorn.  Essentially this REALLY lowers the costs of recording instructional material such as lessons and lectures as you might be able to skip some of the hardware expenses.

I am hoping to add Matterhorn to our services we can offer teachers in a K12 environment.  Getting Matterhorn working is not as easy as BigBlueButton.  I am still working on it.

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