Two Awesome Plugins for Moodle 2.1

I just installed two new plugins for Moodle 2.1 that I think will make a huge difference. The first is the Drag and Drop file uploader block.  This block plugin allows you to drag files from your desktop and drop them anywhere on your course page.   It automatically uploads and places the files on your … Read more

Youtube Downloader for WordPress

Just found an awesome plugin that allows you to add a Youtube Downloader to your WordPress blog. This is especially useful if Youtube is blocked and you need to show a video. See the Youtube DL page on my blog to see it in action.

Another Run With Mahoodle

We keep going back and forth with Mahara and Moodle.  We have done several pilots in the past and I was very impressed with Mahara.  However, in the past students and some teachers complained it was awkward to use.  We closed our pilot of Mahara and went instead with WordPress/Buddypress for students to be able … Read more

Homework Sept 12th

Homework – Read oids joisdjf iosdj fiosdj fiosdj foisdj fiosdj foisdfj iosdfj oisdfj iodsjf iosdj foisdf jiosdj foisdjf oisdfj oisd jfiosd fiosdj iosdfj iosdfj iosdjfiosd jfiosdj fisodfj isod fjidsofjsdiofjsdiofjisojfisodfjsdio

Status Add dynamic status updates – just like on Facebook! AWESOME NEW PLUGIN!

Buddypress 1.5 coming soon

We are getting ready for Buddypress 1.5.  It is coming soon and it almost seems like perfect timing.  We are going to be updating our Engage portal for students and we are hoping to start fresh with the Buddypress 1.5 version.  I just have to make sure that the plugins we use will be compatible.