Using Examview with Moodle 2.1+

If you are trying to use Examview with Moodle, you know how frustrating that can be.  There are issues if importing the res00000.dat file as well as issues with images in questions and answers.  Luckily the great community over at have coded a very nice solution that takes an Examview Blackboard 6+ Export and seamlessly imports all questions and images into Moodle 2.1+ and Moodle 1.9 depending on which version of the hack you download.  If you are not in the forums, you would never know about this.  Hopefully this hack will make it into the Moodle Core for a future release since it is so good.  SPECIAL THANKS TO Gerry Jenkins and jean-michel vedrine from for working on this Examview Importer.

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District Website is QR Ready

We are now integrating on-the-fly QR Code generating for our District Website.  These neat little QR codes take the user right to a specific page and we plan to begin including them in our publications.  I am hoping to generate one for every school website soon too.

New QR Code feature for iBlog

We can now connect our blogs with QR Codes.  Don’t know how teachers would use this quite yet, but I am sure they will come up with new uses! This code will open up the district website: [QR size=”200×200″ link=”yes”][/QR]

Improvements come to District Website

I am nearing completion of some pretty big updates to the district website:  We made some improvements to the navigation.  The main navbar is fixed at the top of the page and has multi-column dropdowns that are neatly organized.  This appears on all the pages.  There is also a TV Channel link that opens … Read more