Buddypress Activity Plus Plugin Turns Buddypress Into Edmodo

A new plugin by the wonderful people at WPMUDev has breathed new life into my plans for a completely open source social networking tool for K-12.  This plugin – Buddypress Activity Plus – will help transform our Buddypress install into a robust and easy to use tool for teachers and students.  It mimics some of … Read more

Piwik Website Stats

So I was reading this article about Piwik Website analytics from WPMU.org and it inspired me to install and set it up for our WPMU/Buddypress website for teachers.  It works really well with a Multisite setup and the nicest part is that it is all integrated and displays nicely in the dashboard. Unlike other WordPress … Read more

Free Joomla Admin Template

If you are using Joomla, you will want to install the new Mission Control Administration theme by Rockettheme.com.  This incredible administration theme goes A LONG WAY in making strides to improve the usability and friendliness of the Joomla Administration. The part I like the most about the Mission Control theme is how it handles the … Read more