Kindergarten Classes Blogging

We have 3 very ambitious kindergarten teachers who are starting students off blogging.  At a time when many are learning to write they are also learning to write and participate on the internet.  To see the enthusiasm for writing at such a critical time is very good.  If they are excited about writing for a … Read more

Real Time Document Collaboration in Moodle

I just found this great module for Moodle which allows you to add “Google Docs” like functionality to Moodle courses.  It’s called Assignment Type: Collaborative real-time editor.  It has some basic text editing capabilities and seems to work quite well.  You can assign groups to edit/create a common document.  As one student is typing, all the … Read more

New Plugin for Teachers: Scheduled Content

WPMUDev has just released a GREAT new plugin for wordpress which allows you to schedule content within a post or page.  The truly great part of the plugin is that it automatically puts in a countdown to when the content will be revealed.  That way you can publish your post about studying for an exam … Read more

Phone Apps

I think I am going to start building a phone app for Dearborn Schools.  Anyone have a suggestion for an inexpensive “Phone App” builder?  I am only interested in Android and iPhone/iPad.

Sometimes It’s Worth Paying For

Dearborn Public Schools is a leader in the State of Michigan when it comes to utilizing web technology and putting the power of web publishing in the hands of teachers and students in a K-12 environment.  Our main web publishing websites are built using WordPress and called iBlog and Engage.  Teachers use iBlog to create … Read more

Digital PTO

I just came across this website and I am very impressed.  If I was on a PTO, I’d be signing up for this service: It uses the same software we use to power all of our teacher and student websites.

BigBlueButton Saves Spring Concert

I just had a request from a very dedicated vocal music teacher to use BigBlueButton from his classroom blog in order to continue preparing his students for an upcoming spring concert.  While out recovering from a medical procedure, the teacher is going to use BigBlueButton from home so that he can listen and interact with … Read more

New Plugin- Buddypress Docs

I just installed a new plugin currently in Beta called Buddypress Docs.  It’s part wiki, part Google Docs, and ALL BUDDYPRESS!  It functions much like a wiki which will allow you to create online documents and it will only allow one person to edit a document at a time eliminating overwrites.  For only being beta … Read more