Buddypress in K-12 Education

Are there any other districts using Buddypress in K-12 education?  I am interested in seeing how you are using it. Our Current install is a private community with the following plugins: BP Wikis BP Group Documents BP Group Events BP Forums BP Link Sharing Private Buddypress Content Monitor We are also evaluating the following: Kaltura … Read more

Buddypress Courseware makes for easy teacher websites!

I am in the process of evaluating Buddypress Courseware.  This product is SO Awesome for the Educational Community!  It basically allows you to run your own Edmodo using Buddypress.  What is REALLY cool about this is that you also get ALL the wordpress/buddypress plugins for added features and customization that Edmodo doesn’t provide. I am … Read more

New Wiki Plugin for WordPress

I have just installed a new Wiki plugin for WordPress in which you can create multiple wikis as part of your WordPress blog.  This is by far the easiest wiki plugin I have tried to use with WordPress.  The plugin is not free, but I highly recommend this website here:  https://premium.wpmudev.org/project/wordpress-wiki .  Get the 1 … Read more

Just Finished Updates

It seems like every time you turn around some plugin is needing updating.  Wordpress is especially needy in this department.  Joomla is about the same.  Well, I have spent the entire morning making updates to the various plugins that we use. WordPress is a dream to update with pretty much point and click procedures.  However, … Read more

Creating Android Phone Apps via WordPress

I found this interesting plugin that allows you to create and publish 4 page Android phone apps via a WordPress Blog.  Here is the direct link:  https://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wpandroid/ Whether you’re an absolute beginner or an experienced app developer, WP Android can do the heavy lifting for you. It uses simple text editors and standard web technologies … Read more