1994 – What is the internet?

Here is the viral clip from 1994 where the Today Show tries to wrap their heads around what the internet is.  It is very funny to see the hosts scramble and explain what the “@” symbol means in email addresses.

New Encoding Computer

Our district Cable TV Stream that we send to the web is broken.  The encoding computer was actually an old Dell Laptop that had a mini-DV input.  We used the old computer that was going to be sent to salvage for over a year just as an encoding station for sending out our cable channel … Read more

Joomla 1.6 is out! Now what?

I really think with the release of version 1.6, Joomla has finally moved away from it’s early beginnings in Mambo.  They have taken some HUGE steps forward and HATS OFF TO THE DEVELOPERS.  They are taking the Joomla platform in a new direction and really shed some of the limitations that were very rigid like … Read more

DimDim goes Boom Boom

The web conferencing software DimDim has been purchased by https://www.salesforce.com .  If you had a DimDim account or were using DimDim with your school or University, once your subscription runs out there will be no more DimDim.   Here are the FAQ’s https://www.dimdim.com/faq.html DimDim started as an open source project.  I can remember piloting the … Read more