Complete Open Source K12 School District Portal Update

In recent months we have really made progress in our development of a complete, robust, and feature rich K12 School District Portal using open source projects.  Here is what we have so far: Joomla == School District Website with video sharing for staff and students (Youtube like) Mindtouch Wiki ==  School Websites WordPress Multisite == … Read more

Finally Making Headway

I am finally making headway on several fronts.  Our Moodle server is up and running in tip-top shape after suffering some database issues.  Our WordPress Multisite is rocking right along now; sporting it’s new Kaltura Video plugin.  All of our Physical Education, Music, and Art teachers used Big Blue Button for their late start training … Read more

Video Students Using Kaltura to Promote new Movie

I just had a meeting with our WDHS Student Video class that is producing a movie this year.  They want to promote their video and were brainstorming ideas.  I showed them the Kaltura video editor and they loved the idea of adding un-edited clips from a scene in their movie to the Kaltura editor and … Read more

Explorations in Collaborative Video on the web

I am brainstorming some ideas about using our new Kaltura Online Video editor to allow students to create a video where a group of students would storyboard, shoot, and edit the video online.  They can record from webcams, flip cams, cell phones, etc to create a really neat video online.  I already have the means … Read more

Holy Cow – MySql Database Size with Moodle

I think I may have pinpointed the exact cause of our slow and sluggish Moodle server.  There is a setting for how you want Moodle to store user session information.  Recommended value is store to disk.  They say with storing this info in the database that it would be ideal as you are not writing/reading … Read more

Kaltura 3.0 + Red5 + WordPress = Awesome

I finally got RED5 working with Kaltura and now using the WordPress All-in-One plugin, I can allow each of our teachers with a webcam recording and video editing solution. I wrote out the steps I followed in the Kaltura Forums here: I cannot say enough good things about Kaltura.  Their product is simply amazing. … Read more