Kaltura CE 3.0 and Red 5

I am going to start from scratch with Kaltura CE 3.0 and RED5 for webcam recording.  I have already successfully modified the Kaltura All-in-One Video plugin to work perfectly with our WordPress website for teachers.  Now I need to get it to work so they can record from a webcamera right into their blogs.

When we were using Kaltura 1.0 I had webcam recording via RED 5 working by following this tutorial for installing RED5 on Ubuntu:


I am going to try this tutorial and see if one of these will work for 10.04.  The last one seems most promising because it seems to mimic what I did on Ubuntu 8.04.

Once I get it all configured, Kaltura Video will provide Dearborn teachers with an AMAZING video tool that can be used for all kinds of classroom activities.  I hope to have it done before Christmas.

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