Kaltura Video Editing Version 3.0

All I can say is WOW!  The new Kaltura CE video server is IMPRESSIVE!  I just installed the Kaltura CE v3.0 server on an Ubuntu 10.04 Lamp Server and I couldn’t have been more impressed with everything from the installation procedures and checks to the new and MUCH improved admin consoles.

The new KalturaCE v3.0 is so much more intuitive than the initial version 1.5 – and much more powerful.  I am still waiting to find out more about how to configure the webcam recording feature but they have gone out of their way to make the server and WordPress plugin very user friendly.  They have even included some user controls so that teachers can allow students to actually edit videos right from the web browser.  Very NICE!

I will have to wait and see how this can be rolled out to teachers.  I know that if they had already activated the old version that I have to manually go into their blog database and manually delete any saved Kaltura settings and they will have to register for a new account.  This is not a big deal since we only had a few people using it.

If the server is reliable and doesn’t crash, I can see this being a huge benefit to our staff who may want to dabble in videos on their blogs.

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