Mahoodle Training Day

I will be showcasing our new Mahara application this November 2nd PD Day.  We have used Mahara in the past, but now it is a much more robust and easier to use application.  In particular I will be showcasing how students can create an ePortfolio and export all their data collected over the years in … Read more

Mahara Setup

I think I have Mahara and Moodle fully functional and networked.  Students and Staff can now roam between the sites and the new users for Mahara are auto generated. I am also working on getting these 2 plugins installed for Moodle which will allow our teachers to grade “Views” which are websites created in Mahara. … Read more

Mahoodle = Moodle + Mahara (It Rocks!)

So I went through the setup and networking to get Mahara and Moodle talking to each other.  It was a pretty straightforward process (possibly because I have done it before).   I am really amazed at how far Mahara has come since I last looked at it.  I thought it was an extremely useful tool … Read more

Mahara is Super Cool

In my previous post I mentioned that our students and teachers didn’t quite get the purpose of Mahara when we were using it a couple of years ago.  It didn’t quite catch on because it was very “step” intensive.  Meaning that in order to create a view or upload files etc, there were a few … Read more

Email Subscriptions Broke – Now Fixed

We had an issue with how iBlog was creating new blogs and when new blogs were created it would forget to create the table needed to store emails for teacher websites.  Luckily it was only the last 20 blogs that were having the issue.  I corrected the problem on each blog and it seems to … Read more

Blogg X 3.0 for Joomla is Awesome

I just tried out a new plugin for Joomla that allows you to publish articles from a desktop application that runs on Adobe Air.  Hats off to the developer as this is a really nice and slick interface.  I can see this being useful when you have to distribute publishing to a few people in … Read more

K-12 Open Source District Web Portal

I am looking for new suggestions for creating an open source k-12 District Web Portal.  I think I may have a complete platform that drives our portal, but maybe someone out there has a suggestion that would help improve upon what we already have.  I know there are  eLearning apps other Moodle.  We  have dabbled … Read more

BigBlueButton Web Conferencing and WordPress

We just did a decent test using BigBlueButton and the WordPress plugin.  We had about 4 people login remotely and view video and audio from a Technology Advisory Committee meeting.  It worked great.  The meeting lasted about an hour. BigBlueButton is an outstanding open source web conferencing program that can be installed in about 10 … Read more

APC Saved our Online Learning Portal

This year more than any other year, our online Moodle website iLearn was overwhelmed with traffic and use by teachers and students.  The server was running at 100% when more than 4-5 classes were taking quizzes.   This made for a bad experience for end users because the pages took a long time to load. … Read more