Web Meetings now possible with WordPress

Open source web conferencing is now possible in WordPress with the new plugin (in beta) being developed by Blindsidenetworks.com.  It integrates WordPress with the open source BigBlueButton web conferencing server.  While only in beta it is still a great plugin.  I have added it to our iBlog teacher website platform and can’t wait to see … Read more

Find the perfect Icon for your website!

I found this great website today: https://www.snipe.net/ Under the freebies there is an article that lays out a few icon search engines.  It’s a great resource and I wanted it in my blog for reference! https://www.snipe.net/2009/12/free-icons/

Create WordPress Themes from Photoshop

I just ran across this new product that allows you to take a photoshop PSD file and it will convert and upload a WordPress theme to your blog. This seems VERY Cool!!! https://www.divine-project.com/ Now if I only had photoshop…

Buddypress and Courseware = Course Managment

Stas Sușcov has been working all summer on a courseware plugin for BuddyPress and a beta is now ready for download. We’ve been following this exciting project throughout the summer and hope to provide a full review in the near future. These are exciting times for educators who are interested to use WordPress and BuddyPress as … Read more

Making Blogging Easy for Teachers

At Dearborn Public Schools we have been using WPMU and now WP version 3 with multisites since 2006.  While blogging is considered very easy to any web savvy user, teachers have unique uses and needs when it comes to creating a classroom website.  Ease of use is critical.  Teachers are not looking to become web … Read more

Hello world!

Welcome to iBlog. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging! You can find tutorials and support by enrolling in the iLearn support course at iLearn support course for iBlog. Your new website has 3 plugins already activated and ready for you to use: Calendar – Allows you to create a … Read more

The Flu Season is Coming – Track it via Google!

I just found this website by Google that actually tracks the Flu.  Remember all the H1N1 stuff from last year?  This year be prepared as you can now track the spread of the flu via Google: https://www.google.org/flutrends/ When the flu cases come to Dearborn, we will be sure to post a map!  lol.   Last … Read more

Website Applications are All Updated

I am nearing completion of my summer work.  I have finished upgrading to the latest software for the district website, school websites, teacher websites, and a few other websites. There is still much work to do with the school websites.  This is the year I want to create custom themes for the elementary, middle school, … Read more

School Websites Updated to Mindtouch v10

I just got off the phone with Mindtouch support person Corey after upgrading our school websites.  We are now running the latest version of Mindtouch wiki v10.  I was embarrassed when we had to update the server and there were a ton of outdated packages that needed to be downloaded and installed.  This is good … Read more