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Updating File Management – Docman

Well, after trying a variety of file download components for Joomla we are going to go with Docman.  We are currently using Phoca Download and I cannot say enough good things about this product.  It’s free.  Has good support and features.  Is continually being developed.   But it doesn’t have an auto-publish feature.  I want

Docman has one feature that Phoca Download doesn’t and that is auto publishing of documents and files.  Jdownloads is another product that has this auto publish  feature but I found the actual download process to be confusing for most users.

So I am paying the nominal fee tomorrow for Docman and going to begin switching the website downloads over to Docman.  There are several plugins that will also make my life easier with Docman:

  • DYDOCmanInContent – Displays files from a category within an article.  Great for a general listing of all files for a department.  (I think you might be able to do this with the DocLink plugin that comes with Docman.  Will find out tomorrow! )
  • DOCman 1.5 Productivity Pack – Has three killer plugins.  Mainly the auto-publish plugin is what I am intterested in.
  • PayPerDownload for DOCman 1.5 – Just in case we want to sell something like digital copies of Graduation Videos, etc.

Work begins tomorrow to transfer all the files to the new Docman system.  Hopefully by early next week the whole site will be working.

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