Cool New WPMU + Buddypress Plugins – EasyBlogging

WPMU Premium has released a series of new plugins to simplify blogging!  There are 3 plugins that work together to truly simplify using a blog.  This is ideal for a K-12 teaching environment when teachers are paid to educate and not be professional homework bloggers.  I installed all three today.  They work together to provide … Read more

Top Moodle Modules and Add-Ons

I have been working on providing a first class online learning experience for our K-12 district for some time now.  I am a big fan of open-source projects and seamless integrations between the various projects.  My ultimate goal is to provide a more robust and feature rich online learning experience for our staff and students … Read more

Macul Educational Technology Leadership Conference Sponsored by MACUL and Wayne RESA June 21-22, 2010 Thurston High School 26255 Schoolcraft Redford, MI 48239 Fees: $85 – 1 day MACUL member $125 – 1 day non-member, includes 1 year membership $125 – 2 day MACUL member $165 – 2 day non-member, includes 1 year membership I will be presenting on Moodle … Read more

Moodle 198 and TinyMCE Editor Integration How-To

Here is how I integrated TinyMCE with Moodle 198 with the help of John St. I have been exchanging emails with John St. and I can tell you he has been more than helpful.  If you are planning on doing major work to your Moodle install, I would suggest hiring him to help you modify … Read more

Moodle Chat Room Activity Replacement

Download the file here I found a very slick and useful upgrade for the Moodle Chat room activity.  This new chatroom activity has jquery/ajax with no frames and is visually appealing.  It smooths out the rough edges of the Chatroom that comes standard with moodle. The best part is that this new chatroom module is … Read more

Moodle Issues Fixed

I have been working on a mysterious issue where quizzes were not working properly.  After many attempts and lots of troubleshooting I was able to determine that one file and one snippet of code was to blame.  Upon further inspection the code revealed a corrupt database table.  This was caused by a corrupt database field … Read more

Awesome Moodle User Group First Meeting

Today we held a very productive first User Group Meeting for Wayne County Moodle users.  We had a good showing of districts throughout the county that are using or considering using Moodle.  This should be very useful for sharing and developing resources on a county level for the benefit of all districts.  It’s nice to … Read more

Moodle and OpenSim?

Is anyone experimenting or using OpenSim and Moodle via the Sloodle plugin?  I am intrigued by the possibilities of having a virtual world that is integrated for educational purposes.  I am a total newbie when it comes to virtual worlds.  I was looking over the setup for Open Sim and I think I can handle … Read more

Kaltura WordPress MU Setup

At the request of other education colleagues here is how I did the setup for our Kaltura Video and WordPress install. First, we went with the Kaltura Community Edition server so that we could house the videos on-site and have more control over the system.  The kaltura CE edition also needs RED5 installed so that … Read more

Moodle and Nanogong

I just installed the Nanogong Moodle Activity in Moodle.  What a cool module!!!  It allows teachers to setup a voice recording activity.  I can see this being very useful for our language arts and foreign language teachers.  There are all kinds of different applications for this module.  I can’t wait to share this with our … Read more