Summer ToDo List

With June coming up soon, I am preparing for summer and my list of todo’s is getting rather large.  The one thing I want to focus on more than any of the technical stuff below is TRAINING.  We need good training material and how-to’s for teachers.  Especially with all the new stuff we are adding to classroom blogs and Moodle.

So, here is the list so far:

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Kaltura K12 with WordPress MU Blogs

About a month ago I launched a new Kaltura Video plugin for all of our k12 teacher blogs.  This new plugin allows the teacher to EASILY record from a webcam and embed the video into their classroom blog without any special tools.  Gone are the days of using MovieMaker or iMovie and all the technical … Read more

iLearn down but not out

Our Moodle install had a major issue with the quiz and gradebook functions this week.  Apparently when I did an update to Moodle over the spring break it caused some type of issue with the quiz database tables.  Somehow when you were taking a quiz it would close and grade the quiz upon opening it … Read more

Talking to Parents on Cyber Bullying

Tonight I will be presenting some information to help bring awareness to cyber-bullying at one of our middle schools.  I am just amazed at the stuff kids do these days on the internet.  The stats are alarming and with all the news about kids committing suicide because of the bullying it is a real issue … Read more

Microsoft and Moodle?

Microsoft has released an add-in for Word that will allow you to open and save documents to your Moodle course.  It’s a simple upload/download feature but really simplifies adding and editing of documents.  I downloaded it and tried it out.  Will not work with a Moodle Admin Login.  You must be a regular account and … Read more

Real Time Document Editing Open Source – Etherpad

I stumbled across this website  and was amazed at how easy it was to create a shared document.  You could invite friends and edit it together in real time.  Import/Export the finished product as a PDF, Word Document, Open Document and a few other formats. Then after poking around I found out that the … Read more

New Subscribe by Email Feature

Right now we have several hundred blogs using a subscribe by email feature.  The WPMU website just released a new plugin that is actually quite simple to use and can be configured by a teacher in 5 minutes or less.  This new plugin is activated sitewide.  All the teacher needs to do is add it … Read more

Moodle Upgraded

We are now running the latest version of Moodle and it is sporting a brand new theme to boot!  I am really feeling excited about all the possibilities that now exists for our Moodle and WordPress users.  I really wish I was a teacher and could use all these cool new features! It only took … Read more