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Using Pligg with our Teachers Idea

Pligg is an open source software that allows you to add links and then vote them up or down.  The most popular links show up on the home page.  This allows for community driven sharing of links and by voting allows the community to prioritize the links.  I have tinkered in the past with link … Read more

Moodle and Zangle Gradebook Integration

The Calhoun ISD has developed and is using a database hack for Zangle that allows teachers who use Moodle to input grades recorded via Moodle into Zangle.  Here in Wayne County, many school districts are using Zangle for student record keeping.  Some of the largest districts are also using Moodle for online classrooms.  This is … Read more

Joomla and Facebook Connect

I just added facebook connect to our PTSA website.  This should make it easy for parents to login and use the forums. Click on the forum page and you will see the Facebook Connect button.

District Training

In my quest to create the best and most flexible web communications platform for our district I have come to realize that there are limitations to what you can do.  The main limitation is the imagination and technical know-how of the people using the tools you provide.  This is forcing me to begin taking a … Read more

Import Questions from Examview to Moodle

I found a new add-on for Moodle which will allow importing of Examview BlackBoard 6.X exports.  All of our new curriculum comes with chapter question banks in Examview.  The biggest problem was that they didn’t always import into Moodle as expected.  Moodles built-in Importers for Blackboard were clunky at best and involved many steps that … Read more