New Video Conferencing with Moodle Plugin – BigBlueButton

Over the past couple of days I have been searching for a video conferencing system that is open source and works with Moodle.  We have piloted many: DimDim, OpenMeetings, Covad, and a few others.  One that has caught my eye recently is called BigBlueButton.

What seems so perfect about this one is that with a few command lines it will auto install on Ubuntu Server.  There is a plugin in development for Moodle as well.  Seems like the plugin needs some work at this point though.  It sure would be great if this would work with our Moodle install.  I might have to see if we can setup a test server and see where it goes.

I wish there was a solid and easy to install/setup open source conference package that works with Moodle.

Update:  We are indeed using BBB and it works incredibly well.  Please see other posts about how we are using it in our K-12 District.

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