Open Source Offerings in Dearborn Schools

Here at Dearborn Schools we are utilizing open source software to provide first-class and cutting edge services for our staff and students.  Want to create a blog or podcast?  We can do it.  Need to share a video or create a wiki?  We can do it.  Want to hold a web conference?  We can now … Read more

New Video Conferencing THAT WORKS!

We are piloting the BigBlueButton open source video conferencing platform and my first impression is WOW, it just works!  They have a 5 step Ubuntu process for setting up and installing the software on your server or you can download the VMWare which is even easier. The best part about this is that it will … Read more

Teacher Websites Now Optimized for iPhone and Blackberry

As more and more teachers create classroom websites, access to these sites becomes critical.  Many students and parents who do not have home computers have cell phones capable of viewing websites.  We installed a new plugin for our blogging service that autodetects the mobile device and will serve it a stripped down speedy snapshot of … Read more

BigBlueButton Video Conferencing

I am in the process of setting up our own server for hosting video conferencing using BigBlue Button.    I am hopeful to have it running tomorrow and connected with Moodle (2/17/10)!  This seems like it might be the perfect fit.  5 command lines and it installs on Ubuntu.  I can’t wait to try it out.

iBlog Updated

We are now running the latest version of WPMU and Buddypress.  I just updated the servers while teachers and students are on break!

New Video Conferencing with Moodle Plugin – BigBlueButton

Over the past couple of days I have been searching for a video conferencing system that is open source and works with Moodle.  We have piloted many: DimDim, OpenMeetings, Covad, and a few others.  One that has caught my eye recently is called BigBlueButton. What seems so perfect about this one is that with … Read more