Interactive Videos coming to EVERY teacher Blog

It has been awhile since I was tinkering with the Kaltura Community Edition Server.  It is a server that allows for online video editing, uploading, converting, and much more.  I will be adding this new plugin and working to upgrade the system possibly as soon as Christmas.  Otherwise it may have to wait until summer … Read more

Possible new feature for social networking

I found this really cool plugin about to be released for Joomla called Tuiyo. Tuiyo allows for many of the social networking features of facebook with photo galleries, groups, and much more. This would be a great alternative to our Engage or iBlog platforms for students and teachers.  Those are built using WordPress MU … Read more

Students going “Live” to the web

I am working on a plan to allow our WDHS TV Production class to move to the web and produce a “live” show.  When I was in high school, every saturday night from 9pm-12midnight we (students) would produce a live MTV style show with music videos, interviews, and skits at the local cable station.  It … Read more

District Website Features using Open Source

Since switching to Joomla, we have been able to add a variety of powerful features to our District Website and we haven’t spent a small fortune doing so.  Unlike some other services out there where you must pay for features and also pay yearly fees, we are doing it without any continuing costs to the … Read more

New Comment System for District Website

I just activated a new Joomla comment system for all of our Press Release news items we post on the district website.  Check out this Example Here.  This will allow community members to comment on articles posted on our district website. I approve all comments prior to them appearing on our website.  We had this … Read more

Sample Live Flash Streaming

Here is a sample of embedding a Live Stream. This is our District Public Access Cable Channel.  It is  a “live” 24/7 feed.  Please be patient as this may be down from time to time.  I am still working out some bugs and trying to make sure the encoding computer can handle encoding the … Read more

Flash Streaming Update

We have the new Flash Streaming Server up and running.  I have the live feed working to stream our cable channel 24/7.  The issue I am having is the encoding workstation.  Last night it shut off.  If you want to see the streaming flash here are some examples: Live Feed: Board Meeting Playlist: … Read more

Flash Streaming Coming Soon

If you look at how the local cable providers keep shifting educational public access channels around, you tend to get the feeling that they don’t plan or put much thought into keeping this service going.  If the cable channels decide to stop carrying school channels we will need a backup.  That is why we are … Read more