New Improvements to D-Tube

I just finished an update to D-tube.  This website is our video sharing option for teachers and students.  Anyone can join the website and upload their videos but I screen them first before they appear on the site.  There were a TON of new updates to both the frontend and backend admin panels.  I am … Read more

Moodle + Joomla Integration

Just happened to be on the Joomla Extensions page and found this little Gem:  Moodle and Joomla Integration.    This is exactly what we’ve been looking for.  I plan to use it soon.  While Moodle is not for every K-12 teacher, we might have a use for displaying information for parents. I may even decide to … Read more

Moodle + Kaltura Video = Impressive!

I just had a great demo by the Kaltura staff and they showed me how Kaltura is working to develop integrations with existing platforms such as Joomla, Moodle, Blackboard, etc. Basically it allows students to upload or capture from a webcam a video for grading in moodle.  It also allows for teachers to mix and … Read more

A wiki for every teacher, staff, and child

In response from teachers and growing technology trends, I believe we are going to offer every student and every staff member the opportunity to have their own district supported wiki.  This undertaking is made possible by Mindtouch Deki Wiki.  We are going to allow all staff and students the ability to create their own wiki … Read more