Connected Facebook and Twitter

This summer the District began using Facebook and Twitter in order to have one more avenue to disperse and gather feedback. Facebook is my preferred social media outlet since it allows for many different interactions. Just the other day, we connected the facebook account with the twitter account for the district. Now when we make … Read more

Web-Based Video Editing via Kaltura

I have just setup a “proof of concept” website that demonstrates the incredible capabilities of the Kaltura Video Sharing and Editing platform. You can see the demo here: Right now, the plugin doesn’t support WordPress MU (which is what teachers use), so I am waiting for a compatible plugin to use.  There is also … Read more

Kaltura Open Video Revolution | Open Source Video CommunityI found this new open source video service the other day.  I have been working to integrate it with a wordpress blog, but it doesn’t quite work yet.  Basically, it is the coolest open source video project out there!  It allows you to embed your own videos, but takes that … Read more

New Live Web Help

The district now has a system in place to offer visitors live help via web chat.  This new service allows us to help visitors navigate the website and answer questions.  While it is impossible to provide the service all day long, I try my best to keep it running whenever I am in the office … Read more

LiveZilla Real Time Web Help

LiveZilla – FeaturesI am looking to set this up today!  We will have to wait and see how it goes and whether this is a good thing.  We tried live website help in the past with Crafty Syntax.  It was more of a hassle than anything else.  But even with previous issues, I do like … Read more