Difference Between iBlog and Engage

iBlog and Engage serve two distinct purposes.  In this post I will try to explain how a tech savvy teacher can work with both to create a 21st century learning environment.  Please note that I use the terms blog and website in this post and they are one in the same.  A blog is a … Read more

MailPress – Allow parents to subscribe to your blog

A new feature of our iBlog platform will be the new MailPress plugin.  With this plugin, parents and students can subscribe to your blog.  Everytime you make a new post, they will get an email alerting them.  You can also send out emails to your subscribers without posting to your blog.  I am working on … Read more

Sharing Web Tools with Other Districts

I don’t know what the demand would be or if there is any interest, but I’d be willing to explore sharing VMware servers if it is possible to do so.  Servers like our D-Tube and iBlog setups could very easily be cloned so that someone could download and run it on their VMware clusters.  We … Read more

Work Begins on Salina Int. Website

Today I will begin working on the new Salina Intermediate Website.  This was the last school to be converted to the new Wiki format.  I hope to be done by weeks end at which point I can honestly say all school websites are built using a wiki.  All the other schools were converted last year. … Read more

NetVibe/Pageflake Clone

PicokPicok is an open source clone of the popular netvibes/pageflake websites.  Picok allows you to add widgets to custom pages that act as a desktop of sorts where you can pull in RSS feeds and other information.  It is all very similar to Google/Yahoo Homepages where you determine what content is there. While not as … Read more

eyeOS – A Web Desktop

I experimented with the EyeOS product a year ago and it was good, but not great.  The latest version has really caught me by surprise and captured my imagination as to what can be done with the product.  It really has come a long way in development and looks to provide a wide variety of … Read more

Google Wave

Google Wave PreviewHere is a very interesting new product Google is working on.  I heard it explained as “rethinking email” where you go for all your news and updates from facebook, twitter, email, and other websites.I will definetly be watching this one.  As it is now, there are too many websites that I check for … Read more

The Developer of WordPress just turned 25 this year

WordPress Founder Turns 25Teachers, in case you were wondering who created the software you use for your classroom websites here he is.  Matt Mullenweg is the name of the fellow who has brought you the software we call iBlog. As the importance of social media expands, so does the influence of WordPress, the blogging service … Read more