2 pretty useful Joomla Plugins

I just found a few good plugins used on our district website… Modules Anywhere and Tell A Friend. Modules Anywhere allows you to embed modules into content articles in Joomla.  Sometimes, you just want to include a module in an article and not a separate module position in your template.  This plugin allows you to … Read more

UP Next – WordPress MU Upgrades

With Moodle out of the way, I will now be focusing on WordPress MU and BuddyPress. I plan to upgrade to the latest versions of both of these. It will be most challenging to do the Engage website since it uses both WordPress MU and BuddyPress. With the release of BuddyPress 1.0 there were some … Read more

Moodle Updated

We just recently updated Moodle to Version 1.9.5.  Along with that update, we moved it to a new VM server.  This was a big hassel.  I had a weird UTF8/unicode database error that moodle kept alerting me to.  It’s funny because the database was encoded with UTF8 from the start and when I moved it … Read more

Moodle Notetaking – Media Bird

Have you ever wanted to allow students to take and share notes, add media to notes, and just provide a web2.0 notetaking experience?  Enter MediaBird for Moodle.  This plugin allows for the student to take notes on anypage of your moodle install.  Grab web resources, videos, etc. and place them into a notepad that can be shared by a group.  Once I get Moodle on the new server, I will be adding this resource for our setup.  Looks to be very cool!!!

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Paint Web – Allow students to draw in Moodle

I just saw a new application being developed over the summer for moodle that will allow students to draw right in moodle.  This might be useful for elementary students or lab teachers. https://code.google.com/p/paintweb/ Presentation of Project: https://www.robodesign.ro/paintweb/proinfo2008/presentation_nov2008_en.pdf I will be following this project and hopefully will be implementing once complete.  The one area where Moodle … Read more

Flash Media Server…

I have been exploring Red5 for some time.  Mainly because of the pricing of Adobe Flash Media Server.  Well, it appears that the price has dropped dramatically to make it more affordable for FMS.  We are now going to pursue FMS for our streaming video platform. I am planning on accomplishing several things over the … Read more

Movie Masher – Edit Videos Online

Have you ever wanted to create or edit a video online? Check out Movie Masher https://www.moviemasher.com/ It’s free, but I suspect that this is a pain to setup! Here is an example site that uses it… https://www.castthis.net/masher/index.php

Twitter For Education

I have seen this product before and I don’t know if we would really have a use for it, but someone might want to use it for K12 education… https://laconi.ca/trac/wiki It is basically an open source version of Twitter that I have seen patches to allow LDAP authentication.  With all the latest buzz about twitter, … Read more

WordPress and WordPress MU set to merge / Moodle 2.0

I just read a post that wordpress and wordpress MU are set to merge.  While I think this is great news, I hope the merge goes smoothly!  We have about 800 teachers counting on it happening smoothly. It makes sense to me that this happen.  With the merger, you can have a single blog or … Read more