Joomla Plugins for K-12 Websites

It has been almost a week since we switched over to Joomla.  We are very pleased at how the new website has turned out.  Here is a list of the plugins I think lend themeselves nicely to creating a K-12 District website: Acajoom for eNewsletters Article Attachments We use this for junk news that is … Read more

Working on Flash Streaming Video Server

With summer just around the corner, I am glad we launched the new District website.  With only a few other things to do with that site, it will free up my summer to be able to focus on a few technology upgrades.  One thing I am definetly interested in is the RED5 Streaming Server.  I … Read more

New District Website Launches

We have finally switched to Joomla for our District Website.  This is a major step forward as we look to the future of being able to provide a first class learning resource for parents, teachers, and students.  There are many, many improvements that simply would not be possible without the use of Joomla. The move … Read more

An end to hand coding websites

Using Joomla marks an end to using web authoring tools such as dreamweaver for our district. Classroom websites are created using WordPress MU, School websites are done via Deki Wiki, Online learning via Moodle, and now the district website using Joomla. This has been my long standing goal for our district. With the move to … Read more

New District Website Demo

Here is the link to our new district website I am building. It is built using joomla and a theme from Rockettheme is by far the leader in Joomla themes. They have the most advanced and stylish themes out there. Feel free to check out our new district website as I build it… … Read more

Joomla LDAP Whitepages

I found this nifty plugin for Joomla that will allow you to search and define fields to display contact/ldap information.  I could see us using this plugin for allowing parents to seach for staff emails and other contact information.  I don’t know if it will work on our system, but here is the link: … Read more

Joomla Plugins and Themes

Well, as I am working on our district website it has become very apparent that there is a WIDE variety of cool and useful plugins for Joomla.  From content control to managing downloads from a central place, Joomla has much to offer.   Above and beyond what Joomla offers in the core..some of our goals for … Read more