Red5 Streaming Server

I am still intrigued with the Red5 Flash Streaming server. Different from our D-Tube video sharing website, Red5 would replace our QuickTime Streaming server and host all of our Board Meetings etc. What I am really after is a simple-stupid webpage where a teacher can go to it and for a limited time create a live video feed that can be embedded in their blog or school website. I think I have found that in this website:

There are 3 varieties on the website: PHP streaming, Joomla, and WordPress. We use all 3 in our district, but I think the PHP version would be our best bet. I am going to be setting up a pilot of this on one of our servers. The trial version has a 10 person viewing limit and has ads.

What I ultimately want to be able to provide is a simple 3 step option for teachers/schools to be able to webcast an event, meeting, sporting event, or just connect with pen-pals WITH A chat room to help facilitate communication.

Here is how I envision it happening:

  1. Teacher goes to webpage, gives the live stream a name and clicks submit.  In the next page the teacher starts the live stream and then is given the Embed Code needed to place the feed into the school wiki or teacher blog.
  2. In a new browser window, the teacher can now go to the school wiki or blog and then publish the embed code with a simple Copy/Paste operation.
  3. Viewers can then go to the page and either watch or be part of the chat.  When the stream/live event is done, they simply remove the embed code from the blog/wiki.

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