Red5 Streaming Server

I am still intrigued with the Red5 Flash Streaming server. Different from our D-Tube video sharing website, Red5 would replace our QuickTime Streaming server and host all of our Board Meetings etc. What I am really after is a simple-stupid webpage where a teacher can go to it and for a limited time create a … Read more

MySql Performance gains

I have been having some luck with MySql lately by modifying the my.cnf file as well as doing some basic house cleaning. On the iBlog server, we had installed a plugin called Counterize which keeps blog stats. It created 5 new tables for each blog and crammed it with lots of entries. Since upgrading to … Read more

Servers are Being Built for Joomla Transition

In preparation for the new district website, I am getting my server earlier than expected. This means I can start my work early and plan for a long summer of transferring all the information from the current site to Joomla. On the plus side, there will be some major improvements. One big improvement will be … Read more

Working on MySql/Apache tweaks for WPMU server

I have been working the past 2 weeks on mysql and apache tweaks. It really is like in the old days of video encoding for the web… a bit of luck and a lot of trial and error. The funny thing is the more I tweak (Based on tutorials and searching the web) the worse … Read more

iBlog, D-Tube, PTSA, and others corrupted!

We had an issue with the VMWare Server that houses MANY of the district’s most critical servers. Many of the servers I oversee were affected with corrupt data and worse. The 1 in a million chances of a fatal error on the VMware server is the culprit. After spending the day working to fix issues, … Read more

All iBlog Websites Updated

I have just updated all iBlog websites to version 2.7 of WordPress. Enjoy! You can find great tutorials from here:

District Website Moving to Joomla

I am in the very beginning stages of converting our district website over to Joomla.  This will most likely be a summer job, but we are excited about the possibilities of integrating and sharing information between school websites, teacher blogs, moodle, D-Tube, and other websites with the district website. Much work and planning will go … Read more