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School Wikis Rocking!

We converted all of our school websites to Deki Wiki by Mindtouch this past year before Christmas.  I am pleased to announce that this has had a great effect on our schools and their communication goals/plans.  Many schools lacked the resources and people to create and maintain a normal HTML website.  Many schools had the … Read more

Engage Pilot Goes Well

We had about 50 80 or so students from Fordson High School try out the new EduNetworking website Engage over the weekend.  I am very proud to say that the response and pilot was a success.  The students joined groups, began blogging, and are now in the process of learning new features of the website.  … Read more

Vision for “Engage”

Engage is the name of the website I will be creating for students based on BuddyPress and WordPress Multi-User.  There are several key features of Engage that I think will benefit both teachers and students.  ( I may install buddypress on the teacher WPMU site as well. ) Here are the features I think will … Read more

ePortfolios – a new approach

We have been piloting Mahara and Moodle.  What I have heard from teachers and students is that it is somewhat confusing to use.  This may be to my lack of training, however, I started to look for other alternatives.  What I found was a new approach for this type of activity with students called BuddyPress.  … Read more