School Wikis Rocking!

We converted all of our school websites to Deki Wiki by Mindtouch this past year before Christmas.  I am pleased to announce that this has had a great effect on our schools and their communication goals/plans.  Many schools lacked the resources and people to create and maintain a normal HTML website.  Many schools had the … Read more

Engage Pilot Goes Well

We had about 50 80 or so students from Fordson High School try out the new EduNetworking website Engage over the weekend.  I am very proud to say that the response and pilot was a success.  The students joined groups, began blogging, and are now in the process of learning new features of the website.  … Read more

EduNetworking for Students Coming to Dearborn Schools

Educational Social Networking is coming to Dearborn Schools.  Actually we already have this with our Community Website, but it was clumsy and both students and teachers found it cumbersome to use.  I have a new website we are calling Engage. With Engage, students can create up to 3 blogs (my limit and can be made … Read more

Vision for “Engage”

Engage is the name of the website I will be creating for students based on BuddyPress and WordPress Multi-User.  There are several key features of Engage that I think will benefit both teachers and students.  ( I may install buddypress on the teacher WPMU site as well. ) Here are the features I think will … Read more

BuddyPress + WordPress MU + LockDown = Student ePortfolios

I have done some more research on BuddyPress and WPMU and have discovered several plugins that would effectively “LOCKDOWN” the site so that ONLY registered users would be able to view blogs, groups and portfolios.  If you are not logged into the system, you cannot view anything.  Of course the trick would then be to … Read more

ePortfolios – a new approach

We have been piloting Mahara and Moodle.  What I have heard from teachers and students is that it is somewhat confusing to use.  This may be to my lack of training, however, I started to look for other alternatives.  What I found was a new approach for this type of activity with students called BuddyPress.  … Read more