Jaiku Going Open Source – What can that mean for education?

Google just announced it was ceasing development of the Jaiku project and is going to release the code to the open source community.  Jaiku is a program much like Twitter or even Facebook to a certain extent with users able to micro-blog about happenings and conduct conversations.  Now I did a little bit of research and found that there are already plugins that support Jaiku with WordPress.  This means that a teacher can import actions and conversations that happen on Jaiku (Or the Jaiku install on our district servers) into their District blog.  This could be used as an add-on to the blog for the dedicated teacher who may offer help or support in the evening with students before a major test.  The teacher could use Jaiku and it would be imported into their blog.  Jaiku is much like twitter which to me, reminds me of a cross between a chat room and a forum.

Here are some links to check out-

Jaiku Open Source Announcement:


WordPress Plugin:


Official Jaiku website:


I am still brainstorming possible uses or needs for this type of a product.  What is great about this going open source is that we can control and run it on our own server.  My only concern would be how students would use this type of service and would it benefit teachers and the educational process.  Some would say yes and many more would probably say no.  It is worth looking into though.  I am a fan of any of the web2.0 technologies.

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