Powerful Intranet Thoughts…

I have been looking for a good web application to power an Intranet for our district.  Something that brings everything together with web 2.0 features.  Something that will allow teachers to login and communicate easily and quickly about what they are doing and working on.  A place for school level discussions among staff.  A place where you can IM a fellow teacher with a quick question.  A place where principals can focus and use this as a place for official communication and discussions with staff.  No more emails bouncing back and forth.

In short… Something like Facebook.

I found a budding open source project called Liferay Social Office.  It has everything you might want for communication: wiki’s, groups, blogs, IM, file storage, LDAP support, email, alerts & notifications, and message boards.  Most items have built in RSS support allowing communication from the Intranet to the school website wiki.

I downloaded an installer and have been testing (playing) it.  I am most impressed with how it tracks what you do and alerts other users as to what you have done on the site.  This is what attracted me to Facebook.  Everytime you login you can instantly see what your friends have done.

It is worth a good look if you are interested in creating an interactive Intranet Portal…


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