Laconica – Microblogging Platform

Expanding on my previous post, I found this software called Laconica: It has been used by several websites to create blogging with 140 or less characters.  What’s nice is that it generates RSS which can then be syndicated.  Whether it be on our District website or on any of the school wiki’s it can … Read more

Jaiku Going Open Source – What can that mean for education?

Google just announced it was ceasing development of the Jaiku project and is going to release the code to the open source community.  Jaiku is a program much like Twitter or even Facebook to a certain extent with users able to micro-blog about happenings and conduct conversations.  Now I did a little bit of research … Read more

Getting Ready for MACUL 2009

I began putting together some materials I might use for my session at MACUL this year in March.  You can track the progress on my wiki: This is related to the post below where I talked about the MACUL Conference coming up:

Powerful Intranet Thoughts…

I have been looking for a good web application to power an Intranet for our district.  Something that brings everything together with web 2.0 features.  Something that will allow teachers to login and communicate easily and quickly about what they are doing and working on.  A place for school level discussions among staff.  A place … Read more

Presenting at Macul

Here is a summary of what I will be presenting… Take e-Learning to the Next Level Using the Mahara ePortfolio system with Moodle adds a new dimension to eLearning.  From blogs and groups to file storage, Mahara is an essential addition to Moodle.  Learn how Dearborn Schools is implementing this exciting new feature and how … Read more

Creating Surveys and Polls

I am in the process of setting up a polling and survey system for our district.  We initially plan to use this in conjunction with the Dearborn Chamber of Commerce for gathering submissions for the Teacher of the Year awards.  I just got the website up and running: Once I create the Teacher of … Read more

Mahoodle Special Project

Using the latest in web technology at Dearborn Public Schools, students at Haigh Elementary have embraced a fun and exciting project.  The students, who are a part of an afterschool program, are acting as journalists using our district web technology to facilitate communication and publishing of their work. The students meet 1-2 times a … Read more