District Web Publishing Options

School Websites Publishing content to the school website will be handled via a new wiki format.  Schools can upload photos, documents, and videos to their school websites.  We are currently in the process of switching schools over to the new format.  The wiki format will open exciting new possibilities for schools to collaborate, share, and … Read more

Change I can believe in…

Nope, I am not running for president but I am definetly in favor of the changes we have been making to our school websites.   We are moving all of our school websites over to Deki Wiki from Mindtouch.  In the past 8 days I have moved the content from 22 schools to the new wiki … Read more

Dearborn Schools are Moving

Well, were not moving buildings but websites are definitely moving!  In 2 days we have about 7-8 schools already moved to a wiki or in the process.  Why is this so important?  Wiki’s have come a long way in terms of style and function.  We use Deki Wiki from Mindtouch and I gotta tell you… … Read more