URL Forwarding Service

With the launch of the new Community add-on to iLearn, many students and staff may be using this service to create custom websites with their information and resources for everyone to view.  The issue with this is the URL that is generated such as: https://community.dearbornschools.org/view/view.php?id=1

This is my URL to my page I created in Community.  This is not very good if you want parents or students to type it into a browser!!!  What I aim to do is provide a service where the teacher can type in that big long URL and the service will be able to convert it to a shorter and smaller url such as https://mysite.dearbornschools.org/chriskenniburg  and then forward the person to the big nasty url automatically.

I have found these 2 scripts to run such a service: Phurl and plusPHP Short URL. They will do the job, but it appears that the URLs they create are a series of numbers and letters. I am still searching for  open source or free scripts that might allow you to enter keywords that are incorporated into the url.  Then the url might look like https://mysite/biology instead of https://mysite/?324j6bb4.

If you have any suggestions, leave a comment!

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