Mahoodle is what users are calling the configuration between Moodle and Mahara. I have mine working with single sign on with access to both systems. This is a really nice feature and add-on for moodle. Here is my “DashBoard” page where I can organize all my stuff in widget like fashion with drag and drop … Read more

DimDim Revisited

DIM DIM Interface Click to enlarge the DimDim Interface example.

I just finished a test of the version 3.5 version of DimDim and I was amazed with how far they have come!  In their next release (v4), they have promised Mac Compatibility with screencasting as well as the ability to record meetings!!!

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Still Working on the Summer Projects

I do not know what the payoff will be for allowing teachers access to a web conferencing service, but I am determined to give it a try.  The service will provide an opportunity to connect with live video and VOIP with desktop and file sharing capabilities.  This can be used for a variety of things such as Interviews, work on class projects, last minute help before a final, etc.  The list could go on and on of innovative uses for this communication tool, however, who is going to find it useful and actually use it?

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Web 2.0 Design Tutorial

Looking to spruce up your website?  This is a good tutorial on how to do it.  It explains the concepts and design elements to create a good looking web 2.0 website.  There are some rules to follow and some things you can do to simplify and enhance your website.  Web2 websites are generally characterized by … Read more

Fresh New Colors

With summer in full swing, I decided it was time to leave “smurfville”.  Smurfville is what I affectionately called my previous color scheme because it was basically blue and grey.  Not very exciting.  The new look is orange, green/lime, cream, and silver/white look.  It’s very summerish in nature.  As an added bonus, the colors work … Read more

Current Technology used in the District Website

We are currently using several open source web apps in our district website which might be of interest to you.  Here is a look at what we have so far and what we plan to add.  These programs provide many web 2.0 features and allow the district to maintain some level of instructional integrity and … Read more