Parent and Student Reading Academy

It looks like I may be involved with several very talented teachers and support staff in producing an Online  Parent Academy.  The project is just taking shape, but we plan to use the latest in web technology to produce an interactive training system for parents.  The project will focus on best practices and reading techniques … Read more

uTV: The D-Tube Video Hour on TV

Introducing uTV! We pick several videos of interest from D-Tube and play them back on cable TV. Now creative students can have a media outlet to express their educational knowledge. Check Out D-Tube Today… You never know what video will appear on TV! DTube Video Website Watch Our Cable Channel Live Video Stream 

Online Learning Made Easy!

Many teachers are interested in setting up an online classroom, but do not have the time or patience to invest in setting it up. Well, I just eliminated that barrier. I have created an online classroom template that can be replicated over and over. Once I duplicate it, I assign the new teacher the online … Read more

UPDATE: From D-Tube to Cable TV!

I found a really nice free Video Converter Here. It allows me to convert the videos from D-Tube into a format that can be played on our Cable TV Station on Comcast and Wide Open West. Basically we can download the Flash Video File from D-Tube and then run it through the video converter and … Read more