Award Winning Website

We received an award for our website from for being selected as one of the top 10 websites nationally for education.

From the wanttoteach website:

We at visit thousands of public school district websites each year in search of “the best”. We also receive many “blind” nominations as well from users to our site who take advantage of our nominating process.
During the course of each year, we then bookmark what we consider to be the best of what the Internet has to offer in preparation for our December deadline day.
Thus, the websites that we ultimately recognize each year represent what we feel are the best public school websites that the Internet has to offer.Our selection criteria is as follows:

1) Functionality – useful information and ease of access.

2) Design – a sharp design designating a sense of pride in one’s school and/or district.

3) Imagination – a sense of imagination present in the site.

4) Timeliness – the site is maintained and current.

...The Internet's premier website for locating teaching and administrative openings in the United States.

2008 Top Website Award Winner

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