H323 Video Conferencing and Updates

We just conducted a test using X-Meeting on the Mac and were able to quickly and easily connect 2 Mac computers with live video and audio.  It was a really nice image and audio was great as well.  Making the connection was as simple as dialing the IP address of the other computer.  This can be useful for quickly connecting classrooms that may be working on similar projects or just want to share information – kinda like a pen-pal type of thing.  Between Skype, H323, and ePresence, we are exploring a variety of options for distance learning, collaboration, and video conferencing.

I am still without a server for Mahara ePortfolio, ePresence, and a district wide wiki application.  As we get closer to summer break, it appears that these three apps are going to be my big projects for the summer.   I am told that around July is when there may be a free server or two available for me to install these on.

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