MAJOR D-Tube Update

I just updated the D-Tube software to the latest version and it ROCKS!!! It has some really cool features that I don’t feel like typing. Please go see for yourself: D-TUBE. This is a major step forward for the new kid on the block: PHPMotion. PhpMotion is an open source video sharing script that powers … Read more

Henry Ford Early College

This is a great program where students go to high school for 5 years, but graduate with a HS diploma as well as an Associates Degree from Henry Ford Community College AND… are certified in several medical careers with starting pay over $40,000 a year!!! If I was in high school again, this is where … Read more

Jing – Screen Captures Made Simple!

Are you Jinging?  Jing is a new screen capture utility that is very simple to use, Mac & PC compatible, and records video, stills, and audio. We have used several other applications that do the same thing, but they were never as simple to use.  Jing is a great utility for doing screen casts and … Read more

February 28th RESA Tech Coordinators Meeting

9:00 am -10:00 am

Presenter: Chris Kenniburg, Webmaster, Dearborn Public Schools (

Title of Presentation: Web 2.0 eLearning Ecosystem Case Study: Dearborn Public Schools Website

Creating a dynamic and engaging online learning experience is no easy task. Often times, the new Web 2.0 websites allow objectionable material or allow students to get into website content not appropriate for
education. At Dearborn Schools, we are using open source web applications to bring the latest in web technology to our students and staff in a secure, safe environment. From collaboration and communication to eLearning and personal learning landscapes, Dearborn Schools is creating an online learning ecosystem utilizing the latest in web technology.

Hope to see you there!

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Minor Update to D-Tube…

When we launched “V6” (the new district website design) I used a film roll icon to represent D-tube throughout the new layout.  On the actual D-Tube website though, there was a different icon representing D-Tube as well as in the videos when they playback. So in keeping with the branding scheme, I just changed all … Read more

Wiki Wacky

OK. One thing our district is missing is a WIKI. We do not have one, but there are several people claiming they would use it. So I am looking into setting up a wiki on one of our servers as a stand alone application. The one thing that scares me though is the ability for … Read more

WDHS Students Create New Movie

The WDHS student video program at Dearborn High School have made another movie this year called “So Help Me Hannah”. Hannah is an 18 year old girl and she is having a lot of problems in her life. Her perfect family has been torn about a tragic car accident that killed her mother and left … Read more

District Web Calendar

Well, we have been experimenting with a web calendar solution this year on our News Portal that allows schools to add events and such based on schools. This calendar system is clunky to say the least. I began looking into another solution this week and I am really impressed with this software… It has … Read more

What a Week…

Still recovering from a horrible week. From server issues to locking keys in the car while at dearborn high, I was getting hit from all angles. I felt like many in this video…