Creating the perfect website…

What would be an ideal online learning portal for students?  Is there one program out there that can handle ePortfolios, tests and quizzes, online learning, web publishing, social interactions, and group forming?

We have some tools in place already which include Moodle and iBlog.  These tools are for teacher use and not necessarily for students other than being participants in a course or reading a blog.

My goal this year is to develop 3 things:

  1. Create an online learning community where people can interact, store files, communicate, form groups, and learn together.  I believe this can occur with the addition of another web application that ties into our Moodle software.
  2. Create a means by which we can conduct live video conferences and do “just in time” training.  This live video component will most definitely reside inside iLearn/Moodle.  It could be used by teachers or by students to collaborate on projects as well.
  3.  Provide a means for students, teachers, parents, and community to create their own learning space or personal homepage that would be geared towards information, news, and resources related to Dearborn Public Schools (And other websites as well, but it will come preloaded with DPS information).  Kinda like .  I kinda believe that personal homepages will be one of the next big tools on the web. Imagine being able to customize the Dearborn Schools Website to your liking.

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