Scrolling News No More…

I have replaced the scrolling news items on the homepage.  These were annoying and didn’t help get people the news they wanted to read.  The news items are generated via an RSS feed on the School Matters News portal website.  The RSS feed is then parsed and displayed in the homepage. It’s great because I … Read more

Website Toolbox

Let’s take a look at the various tools for teachers and students in the Dearborn Schools: Moodle/iLearn – iLearn is a tool for creating online classrooms.  From quizzes to personal journals and discussions, iLearn helps students and teachers keep in touch and extend learning from the classroom into the home.  There are many uses outside … Read more

More on Video Sharing

I am pretty close to getting the video sharing website up and running.  I am in contact with a student from WDHS and it looks like they will be interested in using the new website to host their student video projects.  I can also see teachers uploading student projects, schools creating videos, embedding videos into … Read more